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          Recently, Messi's transfer is a hot spot. According to relevant news, city may send three players to be included in the title. Although the news is not accurate, all parties believe that such a way is indeed a big risk, and the city's top management should be more rational in examining this summer's recruitment. Manchester City need the Champions League trophy the most, even if Messi in the team may not be able to help the team stand at the top of the European war. Because there will be European Cup games in the next summer, it is inevitable that players will be distracted and tired. In this case, it will increase the difficulty of competing for the Champions League, so too much investment will leave regret.

          Today, the Shenzhen index is also relatively strong, which has something to do with its index stocks. In particular, Vanke rose nearly 1.87% today, showing a process of gradual upward pull all day. However, the performance of real estate stocks reflects the harvest of last year, especially in the current tightening and regulatory environment. In fact, imagination is also limited.

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          100 words of Thailand's local conditions and customs



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