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          Defending champions always have some cold and weak performances, which were also revealed in the last few games at the end of last season, so klopp really needs to do more work in the new season. City's problems last season were multifaceted, but there are also players who are not so keen on winning and champions, and the impact of injuries is also an important reason.




          Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, from the disk, may be slowly losing patience, so it shows a downward trend of shock. No matter Shanghai or Shenzhen, the pre hyped plate is also slowly ebbing. In short, there is no doubt that there is a reduction in the position.


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          Chelsea value Ryan goalkeeper Edward Mendi and it will take some time to determine. The future of Kepa is also a question mark, which is also puzzling. It is a pity that the manager still can't choose to trust him. In fact, returning the goalkeeper's money can supplement other positions. In fact, the blue team's defensive line was not a problem of goalkeepers last season. It was unfair to criticize the first goalkeeper too much. Maybe there were some other problems before the manager and the goalkeeper, so they changed the starting goalkeeper in such a hurry.

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