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          Why Messi chose to leave the team? I think there are three points. The first is that the new manager is not approved by him, otherwise he will not make a decision so soon. Second, it is estimated that Barca will not be able to strengthen the current lineup, if the club can be re incorporated into Neymar, I believe Messi will not choose to leave the team. Thirdly, in order to upgrade the club, Messi can speed up the pace of leaving the team. The player himself also hopes to play in the Premier League and other three major leagues at the end of his career. See the example of Ronaldo joining Juve from Real Madrid in Juve. The feeling of Ronaldo is good.


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          Consumer loan - Cash Loan - down payment loan - subprime loan is a very clear chain. Those who are on the line can not get off the line, but those who are not online are eager to try. In essence, it is usury. The risk of runaway is approaching. If you don't make a good deal of it, it will be possible to repeat the mistakes of the United States in the past ten years.

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